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    +47 800 40 501

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    Telenor Towers

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    Snarøyveien 30
    N-1360 Fornebu

    Telenor Infra AS
    Company number (VAT): 971 050 365

    Feilmelding tidligere Telenor Norge
    800 40 501
    Åpningstid: 24 timer/365 dager i året

    Feilmelding tidligere Norkring
    22 77 30 00
    Åpningstid: 24 timer/365 dager i året

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      If you spend time today sending invoices to us, monthly, quarterly or annually, we want to offer you automatic payment instead. This means that we automatically deposit the rent into an account specified by you.

      In the future, you do not need to send an invoice, but the payment will come to you automatically. The rent will of course be indexed according to the current agreement.

      If you are interested in this, fill in this form and send it to us at

      Telenor Towers Sweden

      Invoice address:

      Kst: 4462
      Telenor Towers Sweden AB
      73783 Fagersta

      Address Stockholm: Garvis Garlssons Gata 3, 16941 Solna
      Orgnummer: 559308-0723

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        New customer?

        Telenor Towers operates more than 20 000 sites and hundreds of equipment spaces and cabins across the Nordic regiony. We have more than 100 years of experience with infrastructure and are proud to be the one of the largest tower company in the Nordics.

        Our programme for masts and towers replacements enables us to increase our capacity and availability at our sites. This means that we can tailor individual solutions whether your needs are at national, regional or at a local level – or even internationally.

        Our promise is that you can trust the Telenor Tower team to work high and low to find high-quality solutions for you and your services!

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        “We are constantly developing both our services and ourselves to meet our customers’ rapidly changing needs.”

        Cathrine Gulbrandsen
        CCO, Telenor Towers