Sustainability & responsibility

Sustainability is at the core of Telenor Towers’ business values and directs us towards our unwavering goal of being carbon neutral by 2030.

As many of our sites are placed in nature areas, some of which are vulnerable, we are working thoroughly to make our footprint as small as possible. Our efforts to run our business sustainably includes initiatives such as reduced power consumption, sustainable materials and scalable sites.

“Working on reducing power consumption and finding alternative ways to run our sites is on the top of our agenda.”

Christina Endresen
Former CEO, Telenor Towers

Efforts to reduce our footprint

All our sites use a lot of power. Therefore, we are turning every stone searching for ways to reduce power consumption and to find alternative ways to run our sites. Our effort to be more sustainable include:

  • Using alternative power sources
  • Using more sustainable materials in our masts
  • Replacing old masts with scalable ones
  • Reducing energy consumption used for cooling
  • Minimising our sites’ impact on nature

Responsibility for being safe at work

The major telecommunications operators are fighting to be first in the rollout race for 5G, and the big “5G switch” is happening now. In Telenor Towers, we are working as quickly as we can to arrange for operators to install their equipment in our masts.

Mast replacement is by no means a small job and involves both Telenor Tower employees, external entrepreneurs, and other partners. Our mast replacements are planned in detail, and especially with safety in mind. At Telenor Towers, the focus on security is inherent in all the work we do.

We’re responsible for team members working in our masts almost on a daily basis.

The height of our antenna masts varies from 10 meters and up to our tallest structure, towering 362 meters above Ingøy in north of Norway – making it the tallest structure in all of Scandinavia. Despite the spectacular view, it is no doubt a potentially dangerous workplace. Therefore, there is no compromises on safety. Safety comes first. Always.

Questions about how we work with sustainability?

We’re always interested in how we can contribute to a sustainable future.