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Tromsø, Norway, July 8nd. - Mobile coverage has now been restored in the Sjursnes area after the devastating fire on June 16.

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Oslo has a vast network of water pipes underground. The pipes are on average 60 years, with some as old as 170 years and in need of maintenance, causing water leaks and a loss of about 30% of the water on its way to the tap. The city’s Water and Sewerage Authority (VAV) is now taking an innovative step to cut down the water loss.

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Telenor Infra Norway, Telenor Tower Sweden and DNA Tower Finland unites into a Nordic organisation set-up, forming Telenor Towers. The move is part of the strategy to become not only the biggest, but also the leading tower company in the Nordics.

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The 5G development is an important part of the modernisation of Telenor Towers' passive infrastructure, which we are carrying out in close cooperation with mobile operators.

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At Telenor Towers, we continue to modernise facilities for telecommunications in Nordics. We have now signed agreements with Binto, Oppland Elektro and Site Service for nationwide services for development and supervision of critical facilities for telecommunications.

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Telenor Towers has several thousand masts and towers scattered around the country. These come in many heights and shapes, but what they all have in common is that they house antennas that give us coverage for radio, TV and mobile.

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