Birger Hauge Larsen – Business Analyst and Product Owner

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Birger Hauge Larsen

Title: Business Analyst and Product Owner
Field: Business
At Telenor Towers for: 1+ years (2023)

I thrive on utilizing my background to drive meaningful change based on customer feedback

At Telenor Infra, I serve as a product owner for the TiB project which is a significant part of our strategic transformation and IT initiatives. To the TiB project I bring my background as a certified project manager and Lean Black Belt, as well as about 17 years’ experience working in various leading positions at Telenor.  

I thrive on utilizing my background to analyze business problems, identify root causes, and design solutions based on customer feedback to drive meaningful change and improve business processes. The thrill of witnessing the tangible impact of my work and documenting the results is a driving force in my role.

Helping customers prepare for the future

As a telecommunications company, Telenor Infra faces ever-evolving customer expectations, and our employees are driven to reset, think innovatively, and adapt to meet these demands. Telenor Infra strives to be the preferred partner for our customers by adding value and helping them prepare for the future. Being part of a medium-sized organization allows every employee to make a significant impact while also bearing a great responsibility.

A genuine passion for the work.

Telenor Infra offers a unique and empowering work environment where your voice is heard, your contributions make a real impact, and you have the opportunity to connect with talented individuals who share a genuine passion for their work, the customers and the company.

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Meet our people

"We challenge industry norms and dare to think new and alternative."
"Working in a smaller company like Telenor Tower Sweden is incredibly rewarding. Every contribution directly impacts the company's results, giving each team member a central role."
"We are a small and efficient team and one of the most important things is that we have a good team spirit."
"I find it exciting to see how my experience can give us new perspectives. These insights can enable us to provide innovative services to our customers."
"We work amazingly together towards a common goal even though we all work remotely and around Finland"
"Each day brings new challenges and unexpected problems that needs tackling and solving. This makes my work dynamic, diverse, and far from predictable."
"Working with 20 different technical departments towards the green shift is an incredible opportunity to be part of a transformative initiative."
"I thrive on utilizing my background to drive meaningful change based on customer feedback"
"I believe that cooperative efforts yield the best solutions for our customers"