Paula Huttu – Construction Engineer

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Paula Huttu

Title: Construction Engineer
Field: DNA Tower Finland Oy

“We are a small and efficient team and one of the most important things is that we have a good team spirit.

What exactly are you working with in DNA Tower:

As a Construction Engineer at DNA Tower, my responsibility is to oversee both current and new rooftop sites and masts, which include electrical and heating systems. For repair and maintenance tasks, we collaborate with our subcontractors. Embracing new technologies often requires new rooftop or mast locations, and this is a collaborative effort with radio network planners and site hunters.

What’s your educational background?

I graduated as a land surveying engineer in 2001. Before joining DNA, I spent 16 years in Northern Finland working on site hunting and installation planning for various operators.

When did you start working in DNA Tower?

I began my journey with DNA Tower in October 2016.

What was your dream job growing up?

As a young girl, my father and I shared a hobby of spotting masts. We would climb hills, use binoculars to spot masts, and try to identify their locations. It was during these moments that I dreamt of becoming a “mast girl” and aspired to climb high.

Why is DNA Tower such a great place to work?

We are a small and efficient team and one of the most important things is that we have a good team spirit. The company fosters continuous learning and self-development. Our work involves developing and building new solutions, and there’s the added advantage of working close to home and our local tower area. The diverse nature of our tasks ensures that no two days are the same.

What motivates you working in DNA Tower /this industry?

The most significant factor is that our work makes a difference, which has become even more crucial in today’s changing world. I appreciate the positive work environment, the trust placed in us, and the constant opportunities for learning and deepening our expertise.

What’s unique about the working environment/culture in DNA Tower?

DNA Tower offers the flexibility of working from home and adaptable working hours. The company values family life and provides excellent occupational health benefits. We also have the opportunity to spend time outdoors during the day, which is vital for our well-being.

Why should people apply for a position in DNA Tower?

Joining DNA Tower means becoming part of a family-like team where you are guaranteed a fulfilling job and a supportive work atmosphere.

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Meet our people

"We challenge industry norms and dare to think new and alternative."
"Working in a smaller company like Telenor Tower Sweden is incredibly rewarding. Every contribution directly impacts the company's results, giving each team member a central role."
"We are a small and efficient team and one of the most important things is that we have a good team spirit."
"I find it exciting to see how my experience can give us new perspectives. These insights can enable us to provide innovative services to our customers."
"We work amazingly together towards a common goal even though we all work remotely and around Finland"
"Each day brings new challenges and unexpected problems that needs tackling and solving. This makes my work dynamic, diverse, and far from predictable."
"Working with 20 different technical departments towards the green shift is an incredible opportunity to be part of a transformative initiative."
"I thrive on utilizing my background to drive meaningful change based on customer feedback"
"I believe that cooperative efforts yield the best solutions for our customers"