Inger Johanne Slottan – Key Account Manager

Meet our people:

Inger Johanne Slottan

Title: Key Account Manager
Field: Commercial
At Towers for: 1 year ( 2023)

“We challenge industry norms and dare to think new and alternative”

Why is Telenor Towers such a great place to work?

It’s exhilarating to work with something that holds significant value in people’s everyday lives. Beyond delivering what customers want, Telenor Towers emphasizes showcasing the value behind it and creating solutions that benefit customers and society. To succeed, our industry must come up with good solutions. I can’t think of anything more motivating than working on precisely that. I think it’s cool that Telenor Towers dares to be offensive and challenge industry colleagues, authorities, suppliers, and customers to try to think new and alternative.

What exactly are you working with in Telenor Towers:

In Telenor Towers, my role is to secure the customer experience, increase sales/revenue, and ensure ease of business for our customers.

What’s your educational background?

I hold a Master of Science in International Marketing and Management from Handelshøyskolen BI.

What motivates you working in Telenor Towers/this industry?

We work with something that means a great deal to people’s everyday lives – if that isn’t a motivational factor, then what is? Another motivator for me is the opportunity to meet people, getting to know them and understanding what challenges they are working to solve, and if we can offer to contribute to the solution with what we offer, that certainly motivate me.

(What was your dream job growing up?)

Growing up, I dreamt of becoming a hairdresser, then a police officer, followed by an attorney, and later, a diplomat. I believe the traits required for these diverse jobs apply to the work I am responsible for today—acting as an ambassador for our customers, especially in service management and providing a problem-solving approach to their individual challenges.

What is exciting about your role in a larger perspective?

There are several exciting aspects to this role. Firstly, I have a unique opportunity to influence how customers perceive Telenor Towers as a business partner and service provider, fostering a positive, mutually beneficial relationship. Additionally, the role plays a crucial part in impacting society through our infrastructure and services, ensuring global communication access and contributing to national security and emergency preparedness. I also am honored to work alongside such a competent, friendly, and service-minded group of colleagues and customers. The variety of tasks each day serves as a great motivational factor. Telenor Towers actively participates in initiatives for a more sustainable and green future, a position I findvery important to contribute to.

What’s unique about the working environment/culture in Telenor Towers?

Without doubt it is fantastic to be able to work in a young organization – challenging the way of doing business and creating business opportunities together with suppliers and customers in a proactive way.  The transformation from a government-run and bureaucratic history to a more dynamic and efficient framework is awe-inspiring. The people, culture and willingness to change are key drivers for Telenor Towers’ success.

Why should people apply for a position in Telenor Towers?

A fantastic group of competent and friendly colleagues awaits you in an atmosphere where ideas are welcome, and the courage to fail is valued. You can challenge traditional approaches, and there is a dynamic and efficient implementation of better methods when identified. Join us in building a future of innovation and growth at Telenor Towers!

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Gunnel Ekström – Site Share and Lease Manager

Meet our people:

Gunnel Ekström

Title: Site Share and Lease Manager
At Towers for: 20 years

“Working in a smaller company like Telenor Towers Sweden is incredibly rewarding. Every contribution directly impacts the company’s results, giving each team member a central role.”

What exactly are you working with in Telenor Towers Sweden? 

As a Site Share and Lease Manager, my role revolves around overseeing comprehensive tower agreements. I manage contracts with landowners, property managers, and customers, taking complete ownership and control to ensure their effective implementation.

What’s your educational background?

In addition to practical work experience, I completed a 3-year program in economics during my high school years.

When did you start working in Telenor Towers Sweden?

I’ve been with Telenor for twenty years and had the privilege of being part of the inception of Towers Sweden.

What was your dream job growing up?

My childhood dream was to become an archaeologist, and as I grew older, I aspired to be an air traffic controller.

What is exciting about your role in a larger perspective?

Each day brings new challenges, ensuring a dynamic and varied work environment. The job requires a balance between focus and attention to detail, along with the ability to shift seamlessly between various tasks.

Why is Telenor Towers Sweden such a great place to work?

Working in a smaller company like Telenor Towers Sweden is incredibly rewarding. Every contribution directly impacts the company’s results, giving each team member a central role. It’s a departure from larger corporations where one might feel like just a cog in the machine.

What motivates you working in Telenor Towers Sweden/this industry?

The constant stream of enjoyable and challenging tasks keeps me motivated. The visibility of my contributions is particularly rewarding. Working in this industry is unlike any other, given the specificity of our tasks, making us relatively unique in our field.

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